How to Tell If Your Husband Loves You

by Contributor

He loves me! He loves me not! Does your husband love you? Find out!

Watch the way your husband treats you. Does he speak to you with respect? Is he considerate of your feelings? If he is respectful and considerate then he is probably in love with you!

Pay attention to the way your husband treats you in public. Does he say rude or hurtful things to you in front of other people? Does he belittle you or make fun of you? If he does these things then he must not think too highly of you. He probably does not truly love you if he does these things.

Think about how often your husband talks to you. Does he call you from work? Does he text you to check up on you? When he has a problem, does he confide in you? If he communicates with you often then he probably loves you dearly!

Think about your sex life. Is your husband understanding when you aren't in the mood? Is he sensitive to your needs and desires? If he is, then he truly cares about you and your happiness. He probably loves you!

Pay attention to the amount of non-sexual physical contact that you receive from your husband. Does he hug you often? Does he stroke your hair? If he does then he most definitely loves you!