Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

by Erica Loop
Couple staring into each others' eyes in cafe

Couple staring into each others' eyes in cafe

Creating the emotional connection that will keep the spark of your relationship alive takes communication. Even though everyday types of communication are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship, getting romantic with what you say can amp up your love life. Take things to a new level with your guy by showing affection through your words and turning your back-and-forth banter into flirty fencing.

Tender Time

Romance isn't always synonymous with sex. Communicating with your guy in a romantic way may mean being tender and caring toward him. Express your loving emotions by telling him what's on your mind when you start having that loving feeling. For example, tell him how precious he is to you, how fortunate you are to have him love you or simply say, "I'm so in love with you." When expressing your emotions in a tender way, keep the flirty or overtly sexual talk out of the picture and stick to the soft-hearted stuff.

Listen Up

Something as strikingly simple as "I hear you" can make a remarkably romantic statement. Actively listening to your boyfriend shows him that you care and makes him feel like he's the center of your attention. Whether your guy is telling you about his horrid day at work, how much he cares for you, recounting what he did on a weekend away with his buddies or telling you about an argument that he had with his brother, look deep into his eyes and say, "I hear what you're saying."

Playful Prose

Not everyone flirts in the same way. Some people enjoy -- and respond well to -- a playful style. This light-hearted style is more about fun than expressing a serious commitment, according to the article "Individual Differences in the Communication of Romantic Interest: Development of the Flirting Styles Inventory" in the journal Communication Quarterly. Use this style to say something romantic, cute and fun-filled in a flirty way. For example, playfully joke with him, saying something such as, "Oh, you think you're so cute. Well, you are!"

Intimate Ideas

Even though romance isn't always sexual in nature, you can communicate with your boyfriend on a more intimate level some of the time. Express your innermost desires or needs in romantic prose. Keep in mind, you don't have to give it all away outright and immediately. Making discoveries about one another can add a level of excitement to your relationship. Give your guy a preview of what's to come with a teaser. Tell him what you find attractive about him, and give him some hints as to what your amorous intentions are.

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