Swimming After Waxing

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Waxing various parts of your body can make you feel sleek and confident when putting on a bathing suit. Waxing also keeps hair from growing back for several weeks. Ironically, though, swimming right after waxing can complicate the procedure and irritate your skin. To get the best results from waxing, follow several guidelines before jumping into the pool or ocean.


The most important reason for not swimming immediately after waxing is that it will irritate your skin. Whether you are swimming indoors or outdoors makes no difference: indoors, harsh chemicals such as chlorine will irritate your newly-waxed skin, possibly causing bumps or other sores, while salt water in some natural bodies of water will do the same. Not only may swimming cause bumps, but it will also cause irritation and will sting, making for an uncomfortable experience.

Bathing Suits

Depending on where you have recently waxed, putting on a bathing suit may further irritate the waxed area. If you have waxed your bikini line or under your arm, the tightness of the suit may cause itching. It may also make the area more pink and make it take longer to get back to normal. After waxing, it is best to wear loose, cotton garments to allow your skin to breathe while it heals.


If you have to swim immediately after waxing, certain precautions can make your experience more comfortable. Cover the recently waxed areas in sunscreen to prevent burn if you are outside. Oil and other moisturizers will help keep the skin moist and will partially protect it from irritation. If you are wearing a tight swimsuit, change into a looser one that is not binding in affected areas, such as under the arms or at the bikini line.


If you have gone swimming after waxing and experience pain or irritation, soothing lotions such as aloe can help relieve some of the irritation. Your salon or spa may have recommendations for other products to relieve these symptoms. However, if they persist for more than 48 hours, see a dermatologist or medical professional.