Sweet Potato Pone Recipe


0:01 Hi my name is Karl James owner of Creolesoul Catering located in Round Rock, TX and on

0:06 behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you the sweet potato pone recipe. Sweet potato

0:14 pone, what is it? It's a dish that my mom use to make all the time. We use to have growing

0:21 up. Basically it's an adaptation of an Indian recipe, sweet potato recipe where they use

0:29 grated sweet potatoes and honey. With the pone you can do it simple with just sweet

0:36 potatoes, sugar, syrup or you can get a little fancy with it and add eggs, add a variety

0:42 of spices. It serves good as a side dish or it can actually be used as a dessert. You

0:51 can put a topping on it. You can add nuts or you know leave it as it is. Anyway, this

0:59 recipe that I'm going to use is a recipe of my mom's. I've been using it for years. We're

1:05 going to grate some sweet potatoes. Then we are going to cream some butter and some brown

1:11 sugar, use some molasses, eggs, spices. Put all that together in a dish, then put it in

1:24 the oven bake it up and see what we got. Anyway, we're going to do sweet potato pone. Let's

1:30 get started.