Make Homemade Donut Glaze


0:00 now I'm going to show you how to make

0:01 leis to put on the on the donuts first

0:07 we're going to make a chocolate glaze

0:09 they're basically the same way to make I

0:12 took a cocoa powder it has you can

0:16 either use powdered sugar with cocoa but

0:21 I prefer to take cocoa chocolate powder

0:27 and we use for to make chocolate milk

0:29 they take one tablespoon of oil and one

0:38 and a half tablespoon of boiling water

0:40 then mix it together I head here about

0:48 two tablespoons full tablespoon

0:51 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1:00 this is our first glaze if you live it

1:05 it's going to get hardened if you make

1:09 it earlier before it's ready to be put

1:14 on the donuts and it gets a little bit

1:17 hard once you mix it it's going to

1:19 become liquidy again this is the first

1:25 one here I used three tablespoons of

1:30 powdered sugar I'll take one tablespoon

1:36 plastic tablespoon probably it's half a

1:39 tablespoon of oil and one and a half

1:50 which is probably three three-quarters

1:55 of a tablespoon and I'm going to mix it

2:02 if you want it to be thicker you can

2:07 always add a little bit how to children

2:10 to it it's going to show you it's become

2:17 wider or if it's too thick you can

2:20 always add a little water but don't eat

2:23 too much water because then it's going

2:25 to get too liquidy and it won't get

2:27 hardened and it won't have a slight nice

2:35 glaze color on top of the donut here we

2:40 go