Surprise Wedding Ideas

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A surprise wedding is a wedding where the bride and groom and a few co-conspirators surprise the guests of a party by getting married. Surprise weddings can be small, intimate affairs or can be as large as the largest wedding. There are many different things you should consider before holding a surprise wedding.

Pick Your Cover Event

A surprise wedding needs a cover to bring everybody together. Pick an event you know will bring the people you want to the wedding. A small, informal party is perfect for a small wedding. These events can include an engagement party, a movie night or any event you and your friends may regularly hold. A larger surprise wedding will require a much larger cover event. A family reunion is a good way to bring together people to your wedding. Make sure to invite both sides of the family as well as friends. Another idea that works well is a house warming party. This works best if you’ve bought a large home that can support a large group of people.

Keep it Secret

Tell as few people as possible about your surprise wedding. Telling more people will make it more likely that the surprise will be ruined. You will need help to plan and execute the wedding. Official witnesses will also be necessary. Discuss the legal necessities of marriage with a justice of the peace or a priest to understand how many witnesses your state requires. Make sure to invite a priest or other official who can legally sanction your wedding. Avoid inviting somebody who looks suspicious, such as reverend you don’t know well. Make the party guests as natural as possible for the cover event you are using.

Clothing Ideas

Showing up to the party wearing full wedding gear will be highly suspicious. Make sure you wear casual clothing to the wedding to avoid arousing suspicion. Simple, casual wedding gear may be more appropriate for a surprise wedding party. This type of clothing will be easier to change into and can even potentially be worn as casual wear, such as simple summer dresses or a nice button down shirt and khaki pants. However, a formal surprise wedding can still be held if planned properly. Pick your wedding party well in advance and tell them the wedding is secret. Get them measured for their formal wear well in advance, and have it shipped to your home. Hide the wedding gear until you have made the announcement. Bring out the gear and change into it before the wedding.

Announcement Ideas

The wedding announcement will be the climax of your surprise wedding. Pick a very striking and memorable way to announce the wedding. For example, if you are holding an engagement party, you could stop the party and announce: “Thank you all for coming to this engagement party. We’re so glad you could all make it and show your support. In fact, we know you’ll show up to the wedding even if you didn’t plan it as it’s going to happen in five minutes.” Your announcement should be structured as the introduction to a different event.