How to Show a Son How Much You Love Him

by Nannette Richford

As a parent, you love your son more than words can ever express. Sometimes your role as parent puts you in the position to discipline him and cause him anguish or grief. It's natural to worry that your son may become so focused on the rules and consequences he faces from to you that he loses sight of the fact that everything you do is out of a deep love for him. There are ways to show your son how much you love him without caving in to his every wish.

Talk to him on a daily basis. This means taking the time to give him your full attention and discuss the things that are important to him. Sometimes, that might be listening to him retell the awesome move he made in the game; other times, it might mean listening to his views on current events. Whatever it is, listening from the heart -- not with one eye on your computer -- shows him that what he has to say matters to you.

Encourage his interests and help him find hobbies or activities that build his skill and knowledge. It doesn't matter if you find the life of the ancient Egyptians enthralling or would gladly pass up on the topic; supporting his interests shows him that you value him. While you don't need to become an expert on the topic, show some interest and support for the things that interest him.

Praise your son and express excitement for the things that he does well. Whether he's the star ball player or a beginner on the ukulele, praising his accomplishments makes him feel loved and cared for. Likewise, use caution when reacting to negative events, as you could send the message that his failures are more important than his successes.

Give your sons hugs and kisses when appropriate. Although showering your teen with hugs and kisses is likely to be met with resistance, a quick hug shows him how much you care. Hugging and cuddling with a small child at story time can be a great experience for both of you.

Do something special for your son that is not expected, such as cooking his favorite meal during exams or surprising a small child with a helium balloon for no reason. Although bringing gifts shouldn't be your main way to express your love, unexpected gifts send a big message.

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