Signs of a Good Woman

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When seeking a woman to make central in their lives, many men want to select a quality partner. While no amount of careful partner-hunting can ensure that the woman you pick ultimately makes you happy, there are some signs that might indicate that the woman in whom you are interested would make a high-quality mate. If you are currently in a relationship, or simply seeking someone new, be on the lookout for some features that are commonly characteristic of a good woman.

Demonstrates Willingness to Give

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A good woman, like a good man, should not be supremely concerned with herself above all others. She should be willing to give to others both physically and emotionally. This willingness to give may appear as an eagerness to bestow presents during the holiday season or as a willingness to give time to those in need.

Doesn’t Often Anger

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While everyone becomes angry from time to time, a good woman will likely not reach the state of anger quickly. Good women do not erupt in rage without provocation or become angry on a regular basis due to small problems that could easily be resolved calmly.

Takes Responsibility for Mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes, and a good woman takes responsibility for these errors. Instead of trying to hide from blame, she willingly admits when she has done something wrong and works to rectify the situation.

Considers the Feelings of Others

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A good woman considers how her actions may lead others to feel and modifies her behavior as necessary to prevent avoidable sadness and anger in others. For example, if a woman of this caliber is upset about something, she may consider her partner’s feelings when determining how to approach the situation and elect to discuss the problem calmly instead of approaching the situation in a confrontational manner which may lead to the development of anger or resentment in her partner.

Has Large Network of Friends

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Because a good woman is so kind and considerate to others, she will likely attract a large number of friends. If the woman that you are interested in appears to have a sizable assortment of friends, it is likely a sign that she is trustworthy and kind, as these individuals choose to form a relationship with her. It is also advantageous to consider what type of friends make up her network, as a woman who has an assortment of friends of varying shapes and sizes is likely one who is accepting of all people.