Shark Party Game Ideas

Shark hunting for prey image by patrimonio designs from

Don't leave your party guests fishing for something to do at your shark-themed party. Classic board games can be boring to young children, so plan on playing action-packed shark games to get them involved in the party. Games introduce shy children to one another and allow them a chance to make new friends. Award shark-themed party favors the the winners.

Pin the Fin on the Shark

Purchase a piece of gray or blue poster board and draw a large shark on it. Cut the shark out and cut the fin off the shark. Use the fin as a template to make more fins and write each player’s name on the fins. Play the game just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Put two-sided tape on one side of the fin. Hang the shark on the wall and blindfold the first player. Give that player his fin and spin him three times. Let him try to pin the fin on the shark. The player closest to putting the fin in the correct spot wins the game.

Shark Attack

Make a cardboard fin and attach string on it so a child can wear it on her back. Put a piece of cardboard at the base of the fin to make the fin stand up. Show the children the fin and then hide it in the backyard. Allow the children to hunt for the shark. If a child finds the shark fin, he must secretly put it on and start hunting his “fish” (other players). If the shark tags another player, that player must go to a sectioned off area in the backyard and stand with her fins (legs) spread out. The only way a player can get back in the game is if another fish that has not been tagged comes and “swims” through her legs. If a fish spots the shark, he can yell “shark attack” to warn other players. The object is for the shark to capture all the fish. If you have more than 10 players, you might want to make two sharks.

Mister Shark

Let the birthday child be Mister Shark first and have all the other players stand in a line 20 feet from him. Have Mister Shark’s back to all the players. The players start the game by yelling “Hey, Mister Shark, what time is it,” and if he says 5 o’clock, the players take five steps toward him. The players keep asking what time it is and taking steps toward him until Mister Shark says “It’s dinner time.” Then he chases all the players and tries to tag them. The last player to be tagged gets to be Mister Shark for the next game.