When to Give a Second Chance in Relationships

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The great majority of relationships end in breakup before marriage, and about 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Despite these daunting figures, many people feel that second chances in relationships should be examined and can result in success. With another chance to right wrongs and to deliver on promises broken, maybe these numbers would greatly diminish. Unfortunately, in second-chance situations both sides often fail to execute in a manner that favors the progression of the relationship.


Allowing another chance in a relationship gives two broken sides another try at mending hurts and other issues that caused a breakup. Giving a second chance means reconciling differences and getting to the root of problems. However, resolution of these problems must be executed before a true second chance can be given.


Relationships, as diverse as the personalities that are be paired, endure a unique set of problems in second-chance situations. Revitalization of commitment and duty to each other can be achieved through second chances in a relationship. Often, the aspect of the original hurt clung to by both partners and their avoidance of future occurrences that are similar can provide hope that a deep and resounding lesson has been learned. Hope, however, is not enough to work through genuine problems that have been initiated by any of the partners or habits that have been learned.


Personalities must seriously be evaluated when trying to give a relationship a second chance or reconcile a marriage. The capabilities to forgive and be honest by both parties must be examined and focused on in a forthcoming manner in order to gauge the ability to overcome in separate situations. Communication must be a prominent focus and has to take place from both parties. Resolution has to be reached about the subject of the original infraction; otherwise, old emotional wounds will fester and often cause problems.


Giving second chances in relationships has both positive and negative potential. While giving another chance invests hope and some trust, it also leaves an opportunity for disappointment and major breaches in trust. Allowing another chance can give the opportunity to prove the character of a relationship, as it is being tried under adversity. The potential outcome is solely based on the capacity of those involved to execute the second chance in the correct manner.


As the potential of giving second chances in relationships can vary, so can the effects of giving second chances. For instance, when a second chance is given and squandered, it may cause the involved parties to become less trustful of future situations and relationships. Giving second chances may also inhibit someone's ability to forgive if taken for granted. Relationships that are broken may leave a trail of disenchanted friends, children and relatives in their wake. The positive aspects of giving second chances in relationships are that if well executed and taken advantage of by both sides, the relationship becomes a testament to the couples' willingness to work through issues. When taken advantage of, a second chance can also be a model to those outside and inside the relationship of how trials come but can be overcome through proper cooperation.

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