What Do You Say in a Farewell Card to Your Best Friend?

by Elise Wile

Saying farewell to a friend -- even a best buddy -- is one of the unfortunate consequences of living in a highly mobile society. It's likely that you'll be writing a farewell card to a friend not once, but many times throughout your life. Fortunately, goodbye needn't be forever. Your written sentiments can express your desire to stay in touch as well as how much you will miss your friend.

Get it Write

A move can be difficult for friends who are left behind, says psychologist Irene Levine in an August 2010 column in "Psychology Today." Don't assume that your friend knows you'll miss her. Leave no doubt by stating so forthrightly. Write, "I'll miss you," and tell her how valuable her friendship has been to you and that no one can ever take her place. If you feel uncomfortable being direct, just let her know that hitting the flea market on Saturday mornings will never be the same.

I'll Never Forget You

Assuage any fears your friend has that you'll forget him by using the farewell card to remind him of the good times you've had together.. Detail anecdotes about the experiences you shared. When he reads your card, he'll enjoy reliving those times as well.

Future Friendship

Consider including a reference to plans in your card, such as writing, "I'm already looking forward to watching the ball drop in Times Square with you next year!" Let your friend know that even though you're saying farewell for now, you fully intend to maintain the friendship. Even simply saying that you can't wait to hear from her will let her know you value a continuing relationship.

Add Something Inspirational

If you're at a loss for words, look for someone else's. Grab a copy of "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations" and find an inspirational saying that will send your friend on his way with hope and joy in his heart. Copying a few lines from a favorite poet is also a way to express your fondness for your friend -- and sadness at his departure -- without having to have a way with words yourself.

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