How to Ruin a Friendship

Friendship is something that many people take for granted. Yet there are many different ways to ruin a friendship. Learning the quickest ways to ruin a friendship can save you from losing a dear friend. Or you might have a friend you don’t want anymore. You can learn ways to ruin the friendship and get rid of them. Whatever your reasons, here are the fastest ways to ruin a friendship.

Betray your friend with their boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Sleeping with your friend’s spouse or boyfriend is the fastest way to ruin a friendship. Ex-boyfriends can be just as bad, especially if they hurt your friend in their relationship.

Borrow a large sum of money from your friend. Then proceed to go shopping, get pedicures or go out to eat at a nice restaurant before paying your friend back. Your friend will be fuming that you are blowing the money you borrowed on trivial things.

Gossip about your friend. If she tells you a secret, tell everyone you knew. Hang out with her co-workers and tell them her secret. While you are hanging out with the co-workers share any complaints your friend has mentioned to you about them. If she secretly likes a guy you hang out with tell him.

Compete with your friend in everything. If she gets a new purse, get a better one. If you are at the club and she is interested in a guy, flirt with him. If she has good news, tell her better news, even if you have to make it up.

Get a job at her work. Take credit for her ideas to the boss. Blame her for your mistakes. Tell her co-workers that the only way she got through school was by cheating.

Ignore her when she really needs a friend. If she is going through a hard time, tell her you are busy and have to run for a pedicure appointment. Expect her to drop everything to help you with your problems, no matter how trivial.

Talk to your friend and explain why you don’t think you can be friends any longer. Maybe your friend does one of the above steps and you don’t want to deal with it anymore. Explain that you are at different phases in your life and it is time to move on.