Recipe for Sauteed Green Beans


0:00 hello my name is Pete Dryden and I'm

0:02 going to show you a recipe for sautéed

0:04 green beans things you will need green

0:08 beans olive oil a saucepan a knife a

0:13 cutting board and a wooden spoon the

0:18 first thing to do is place the green

0:20 beans on a cutting board and slice them

0:22 in half now pour some olive oil onto a

0:25 saucepan and place it on a burner next

0:28 turn the burner on to medium low heat

0:30 and let the olive oil heat up now place

0:33 the green beans into the pan and let

0:35 them saute for seven to eight minutes

0:38 make sure to stir the beans constantly

0:40 so they do not burn or stick to the pan

0:43 when the beans are soft and tender

0:45 remove from the heat and serve and that

0:49 is a recipe for sauteed green beans