Oriental Coleslaw & Ramen Noodle Salad With Added Craisins


0:04 hi my name is Chris antes personal chef

0:07 for the chef for you to have and i'm

0:08 here at the conscious cooks kitchen to

0:10 show you a great recipe on how to make

0:12 an oriental coleslaw with some ramen

0:15 noodles and some craisins so what I've

0:17 gotten the bowl here is I shredded up

0:19 some green and red cabbage and then a

0:23 little bit of some carrot in there as

0:26 well and then to veer off our typical

0:30 stuff here in the states to make this

0:32 dressing instead of using some kind of a

0:35 mayonnaise dressing I've got a mixture

0:38 here of rice wine vinegar some sesame

0:43 oil and then we're going to finish it

0:45 off with just a little soy sauce some

0:51 julienned ginger okay and we'll also add

0:57 some cilantro ok so our salad dressing

1:05 is done and then I've got some ramen

1:08 noodles here i'm just going to crush

1:10 them up a little bit more get them in

1:14 that salad so they'll give it a nice

1:15 crunchy texture and then for just a

1:20 little sweetness come the craisins

1:32 okay so we've got our cabbages cucumber

1:35 celery the carrots and now we're going

1:41 to add our dressing okay use this whisk

1:52 to just mix it around all right here you

2:00 are a little oriental coleslaw with some

2:04 ramen noodles and some craisins this is

2:07 a great side dish for you to enjoy or it

2:12 also makes a great main course