Recipe for Candied Pecans With Brown Sugar


0:05 hello my name is David I own aluminum in

0:08 candy we could be found online at

0:09 raising the candy bar calm today we're

0:12 going to be learning how to make candied

0:14 pecans with brown sugar our ingredients

0:16 are relatively simple you start off with

0:18 either a raw or roasted non salted pecan

0:21 preferably raw egg white water brown

0:25 sugar salt and cinnamon so let's begin

0:28 the first thing we're going to do is

0:30 start off with one egg white and we're

0:35 going to add one tablespoon of water to

0:38 the egg white then we're gonna take our

0:43 blender and we're gonna whip it up now

0:49 that we have the egg whites and water

0:51 mixed to a nice froth we're gonna take

0:53 our pecans and add them to the mix we're

0:57 gonna be sure that we stir to be cons

1:04 and the egg whites so that they're

1:06 evenly coated now we're going to start

1:09 with our sugar topping we're gonna take

1:12 one cup a brown sugar half a teaspoon of

1:19 cinnamon and then we're going to take a

1:27 three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt

1:32 what we're gonna do now is we're going

1:34 to mix it all together and you want to

1:41 make sure that you get all the clumps

1:42 out of the sugar so that will coat the

1:46 pecans evenly once your sugar cinnamon

1:50 and salt are all mixed nicely together

1:51 we're going to take our pecans coated in

1:54 the egg white and pour it into the bowl

2:04 we're gonna mix the bowl once again

2:09 making sure that the beacons are evenly

2:14 covered once your mixture is all

2:18 complete we have a clean cookie sheet

2:21 with a piece of parchment paper that has

2:23 been sprayed with nonstick spray what we

2:26 will do is will evenly distribute the

2:30 pecans onto the cookie sheet while I was

2:38 doing this I had already turned on the

2:39 oven to 250 so to preheat we'll take our

2:45 cookie sheet and we'll put it in our

2:48 oven to start the baking process what's

2:52 going to happen over the next hour is

2:54 that every 15 minutes the pecans will be

2:56 flipped the whole idea is that they cook

2:58 evenly and that the coating is able to

3:00 get nice and crisp so now that it's been

3:03 an hour and we've already flipped the

3:05 pecans approximately four times we're

3:11 going to take them out and the first

3:12 thing we're going to do is we're going

3:13 to take the pan place it on a cooling

3:17 sheet and then very carefully grab the

3:21 corner of the parchment paper and slide

3:26 it off the cookie sheet by doing that

3:28 we're gonna make sure that the pecans

3:30 stop cooking and cool off after pecans

3:34 have cooled there you have the perfect

3:37 topping for a salad or tasty treat on

3:40 its own my name is David

3:42 I don't alum a ton in candy we're online

3:44 at reason the candy bar calm and have a

3:46 very sweet day