Qualities of a Good Husband

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Searching for Mr. Right can be a grueling task, particularly when you don’t even fully know what you should be looking for. Finding a partner who can complement your personality and serve as your better half is always a valuable goal to strive towards, but a good husband should also embody a few other important qualities as well.

The Importance of Self-Control

A man’s level of self-control can predict his loyalty in the future, explains social and personality psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in the Psychology Today article “How to Pick a Better Boyfriend or Girlfriend.” If your partner is able to focus both on you and the other aspects of his life without being highly distractible, as well as being good at following through on what he starts, he may be more capable of resisting temptation and communicating when issues do arise. The more self-control the man in your life has, the more stability a future marriage between the two of you may promise to hold.

Sensitivity Matters

Life is full of ups and downs and a man who can be sensitive to your emotional turmoil in times of heightened stress will be able to provide greater levels of support, according to the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. Pay attention to how your partner reacts to you during times of stress and to how he approaches other emotional situations. Finding a man who can be sensitive to your needs could make all the difference in the future quality of your marriage.

He Should Have the Potential for Growth

While you shouldn’t enter a marriage expecting your partner to change, an openness towards continued growth can be important, explains licensed mental health counselor Teresa Maples in the YourTango article “What Makes Men Husband Material." A healthy marriage is one where both partners are able to grow emotionally together, so evaluating your potential mate's ability to recognize some of his own flaws and strive towards improvement can be telling. A man who is willing to continue becoming a better version of himself will likely also make a good long-term partner, one who will hopefully encourage you to continue doing the same as well.

Make Communication Count

Even strong relationships fail when communication falters, according to therapist Maud Purcell in the Psych Central article “10 Secrets of Happy Couples." Honest communication is essential for couples to remain connected and united over time. A good husband is one who is willing to maintain those lines of communication, even during times of stress or tension. Paying attention to the communication abilities of your current partner may provide some insight into how the two of you would be able to communicate over the long term.