How to Persuade Your Husband to Agree With You

by Telika

Are you in a marriage where every decision is a battle? Do you just want your husband to agree with you on something? Here are tips to get him to agree with you on almost everything.

Speak your side with love and be honest. Explain if your position with intentions. You 'aren't intending to' to convey or make him feel. Whatever the decision, no matter how dumb you think it is, let him know your side and then don't nag him about it.

Patiently present your side by showing and or telling him how it will benefit him as well. Try to empathize with his position, this will lower his defenses, and will not make him feel like he or his position is being attacked.

Pick and choose your battles. You are not going to win every arguement. Look, Michael Jordan didn't win every game. Use battles, arguements or positions he has won against him. If he hasn't decided yet, give in and tell him that maybe he is right. Chances are he will feel guilty enough to change his mind.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv