Oven-Cooked Italian Sausage


0:05 hi I'm max - cheese celebrity chef and

0:08 lifestyle expert today I'm going to show

0:10 you how to do an oven baked Italian

0:13 sausage now what you want to do is find

0:15 a sausage that you like whether it's

0:16 mild or spicy you be the judge

0:19 wash them off make sure they're clean

0:21 have a little dish here ready oven safe

0:24 make sure it's an oven safe dish we're

0:26 going to take the sausage we're going to

0:28 place it right into the dish we're going

0:30 to score it and if you want to take a

0:34 fork as well and prick it scoring it is

0:36 just basically a little X on top of the

0:38 meat like that score that or if you want

0:44 to just take a fork you can prick it as

0:46 well we're going to take some garlic cut

0:52 it in half put it right into the dish

0:55 some olive oil make sure your oven is at

0:59 350 to bake this sausage pour that right

1:02 on top if you want to add salt or pepper

1:05 feel free to do so spice it up the way

1:07 you like and then all we're going to do

1:09 is place that into the oven for about 30

1:11 minutes or so and we're going to check

1:12 on it and now we have our oven cooked

1:15 Italian sausage ready we had in the oven

1:17 at about 350 375 depending on the

1:19 strength of your oven we're going to cut

1:21 it up now make sure it's not pink inside

1:23 you really want that wonderful color to

1:26 be cooked that cooked color and then

1:29 after we slice it up we're going to put

1:31 it right onto a dish or if you want to

1:34 put it on that cutting board that's

1:36 another way to do it and serve it on

1:37 that it's delicious slice it up it's not

1:41 pink inside and that's how we do an oven

1:44 cooked Italian sausage I'm max - Chi

1:47 thanks for watching and bon appetito

1:56 you