Outfits and Clothes to Wear for a Date


0:02 hi guys I'm Jamie from Glen latte calm

0:05 and today we're going to talk about

0:06 outfits and clothing to wear on a date

0:09 well if you have a date that's pretty

0:11 exciting but of course the first thing

0:13 you're going to think of is what am I

0:14 going to wear you want to wear things

0:16 that are flirty and feminine but also

0:18 accentuate you figure you only want to

0:21 pick one focal point so if you're

0:23 showing legs keep covered on top if

0:26 you're showing chest keep covered on the

0:28 bottom today I decided to dress mouth

0:30 for a day date so I took this flirty

0:34 floral dress and I paired it with a

0:37 denim jacket that keeps it still casual

0:40 but you can still see mouths figure and

0:42 you're showing a little bit of leg so

0:44 that's still very flirty I gave her this

0:46 crossbody bag and wedges wedges is a

0:50 great shoe especially for day because it

0:53 gives you a little heel height but it's

0:54 still somewhat sexy and comfortable and

0:58 I added this gold necklace for a little

1:01 bit of fun and that is her fabulous day

1:05 date look if you excited for your date

1:07 yeah so those are our tips for outfits

1:11 and clothing to wear on a date I'm Jamie

1:13 from glam latte calm and I'll see you

1:15 next time