How to Remove Lint From Clothes


0:05 hi my name is Lindsey whiner and I'm

0:09 from style meet ASAP I am an image

0:11 consultant and personal stylist and I'm

0:14 going to show you how to remove lint

0:17 from clothing lint is annoying it's

0:21 unsightly and can ruin the look of any

0:24 outfit so here are some quick and easy

0:27 tips on how to get rid of it first I

0:31 suggest investing in a lint roller you

0:34 can find these at the drugstore or any

0:38 grocery store out there so they're easy

0:42 and very simple to use all you do is

0:46 take this and roll it across the item

0:50 like this keep on doing it until all the

0:54 lint is gone once this is filled and

0:57 it's no longer sticky remove it and use

1:00 the up and use another strip keep on

1:03 doing it until it's gone

1:05 if you don't have a lint roller though

1:08 another great tip to use is tape all you

1:13 do is take the tape wrap it around your

1:18 hands a couple times to create the same

1:21 stickiness that you would get from a

1:24 lint roller

1:29 once you do that it's the same thing

1:32 attack the lint with the tapes go cross

1:36 and once the tape isn't sticky and if

1:39 there's still more lint just do it again

1:45 for sweaters a lot of times not only do

1:49 you get lint but also pilling on the

1:51 sweater so a great way to remove it is

1:55 to lay the sweater out flat and take a

1:58 pumice stone what you do is very gently

2:02 go across the item with the pumice stone

2:06 and remove the lint if this doesn't work

2:11 you also can get a disposable one blade

2:15 razor blade this will take out any of

2:20 the pilling you lay out the sweater flat

2:23 and very carefully because you don't

2:26 want to rip it just take the razor blade

2:30 across the material and this will remove

2:34 all the pilling and lint that is there

2:39 so here are four easy ways to remove

2:44 lint from clothing thanks so much I'm

2:47 Lindsey whiner and this is how to get

2:49 rid of lint

2:55 you