How Do I Remove a Musty Smell From Bath Towels?


0:04 hi I'm Rena from Nina Garcia

0:07 and this is how to remove musty smells

0:10 from bath towels it's really important

0:12 to note that after you've washed your

0:14 bath towels you want to get them into

0:16 the dryer as soon as possible

0:17 because if you let them fit they will

0:19 smell musty after a while because of the

0:21 bacterial growth also note that a lot of

0:24 the dyes and chemicals used in making

0:27 bath towels often have them smelling so

0:30 you want to make sure that you use these

0:32 techniques for whatever bath towels you

0:34 have but they will work better on some

0:37 than others now what you want to start

0:40 by doing is if you ever have

0:42 musty-smelling towels take them outside

0:44 put them on the grass when it's raining

0:46 and you'll notice that the smell will be

0:47 gone but if you're indoors in our or

0:50 it's winter what can you do well here's

0:52 a few easy techniques take some washing

0:56 soda or borax you always want to use

0:58 gloves when you're working with washing

1:00 soda take a quarter cup of washing soda

1:03 or borax and put it into your pot or

1:05 your bowl make sure that your Potter

1:07 Bowl is large enough for your bath towel

1:09 you can use a bath tub as well take your

1:12 towel and put it into the pot and add

1:15 enough water to cover it soak it for

1:19 thirty minutes and then throw the entire

1:21 contents into the washing machine not

1:23 only will this help your towels smell

1:25 great but it'll also clean the hoses out

1:27 in your washing machine and these are

1:30 fast if more effective step is to take

1:32 your pot and put it on to the stove let

1:39 this boil for five minutes the heat will

1:42 really act as a good deodorizer for your

1:44 towels once the stove is off let it cool

1:49 down and pour the entire contents into

1:51 your washing machine if you don't have

1:53 borax or Washington that's okay you can

1:55 use one cup of white vinegar put a cup

1:58 of white vinegar onto the towel and add

2:01 enough water to cover it let it soak for

2:03 about an hour and toss the entire

2:05 contents into the washing machine I'm

2:07 Rina Farina dot's PA