How to Fix Frayed Clothing


0:05 hi I'm Lindsay Winer from style meet

0:08 ASAP I'm an image consultant and

0:11 personal stylist and I'm going to show

0:13 you how to fixed braid clothing so

0:16 frayed clothing happens when through

0:20 normal wear and tear no matter what you

0:22 do you know just wearing your clothes

0:24 and using them this is going to happen

0:27 with pants a lot of times the reason for

0:30 doing this is that they're too long so

0:34 what you're going to have to do is

0:35 shorten them with a lot of other items

0:38 that is also going to be the easiest and

0:41 quickest way to fix the frame so what

0:45 you're going to do is take your

0:47 embroidery scissors or seam ripper and

0:49 remove the seam and then flip it under

0:53 just a little bit so that the frayed is

0:55 covered it will shorten the item a bit

0:58 but not much so it won't be noticeable

1:01 and as I said before this is the

1:04 quickest and easiest way to fix the

1:07 frayed problem so after that the item

1:10 will look brand new

1:11 and just as it did before thank you so

1:14 much

1:15 I'm Lindsay Winer and this is how to fix

1:17 frayed clothing

1:19 you