Oil Stain Removal From Jeans

Aggravating is a good term for how you feel when you do something simple like check the air in your tires and find out that the air hose had oil on it and somehow you smeared it on your jeans. It makes a smooth day seem unruffled and now you have to figure out how to get the oil off before your jeans are stained permanently.

Blot Off Excess Oil

Blot off the excess oil as soon as you notice the oil in the first place. Use anything you have immediately at hand (other than another piece of clothing) such as a paper napkin, some tissue, baby powder, even cornstarch to place over the spot. Make sure you use a blotting motion and not a scrubbing motion or you will spread the oil, making the stain larger.

Break Down the Oil

Depending where you are when the stain occurs, the best bet is to treat it as soon as possible. A product that mechanics use all the time for greasy jobs is WD-40 which is actually a water displacement solution that will make the oil easier to clean off. Simply cover the spot with the spray and work it in with a rag. Cheez Whiz is another solution used by applying enough to smear over the spot and then work into the fibers. Liquid dish soap or Citrisolve also can be applied to the spot and rubbed in. All of these remedies cut the oil, making it easier to remove, when you get ready to wash the jeans.

Wash the Jeans

Lather the spot well with liquid dish detergent. It tends to be a little stronger at dissolving oil than most of the stain removers. You want to have the lather work through the jeans so that no oil is left on the inside of the fibers. Throw the jeans in a warm washing machine load and wash as usual. Before placing in the dryer, check to make sure the oil stain is gone. If it is still showing, repeat this step again.