Men Who Live as Women


0:00 Did you ever feel like you don't belong in your own body? I'm Virginia Intelisano, mental

0:05 health counselor and registered intern with the state of Florida and I'm here to talk

0:08 about men who want to be women or dress as women. There are two different types of people

0:16 who like to dress as women or want to have a sex change and these two words are very

0:21 different from each other. One concept is called a transvestite and another concept

0:25 is called a transsexual. Transvestites can be men who dress up in womens' clothing. This

0:31 might help them feel better about themselves. This is a coping mechanism sometimes for stress

0:36 or sometimes they simply get pleasure out of it. I recently had a case where a married

0:41 couple and the husband actually dressed up in womens' clothing. The wife called me and

0:47 didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to approach the situation. I basically told

0:52 her that the best way to overcome this is to communicate openly with her husband about

0:56 it and seek out a counselor to talk about it. The other form that we talked about is

1:02 transsexualism. Transsexualism is when a man or woman wants to be the opposite sex. This

1:08 is something that they think about throughout most of their lifetime and maybe have feelings

1:12 either later in life or earlier in life during puberty. Men who undergo a sex change or women

1:19 for that matter have to undergo extensive therapy and hormonal injections to get to

1:26 the other sex. I recently knew someone who had this operation as well and the whole process

1:32 took about two years. If you know anyone who is questioning their sex orientation please

1:39 have them contact a local mental health professional. Believe me your safety and your sanity is

1:44 imperative.