Memorial Service Creative Ideas

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Memorial services are one of the last ways to pay respects to someone you lost, so you want to make it a memorable event. Do things out of the ordinary that honor the person and let people remember him in a creative way. Gather a list of his favorite things to help guide you in how to make it creative.

Favorite Foods

Sometimes a memorial service is also a celebration of the person's life, so serve all of her favorite foods. Choose appetizers, a main dish and dessert that she loved. This way everyone can share in her life and the things she loved. If you are not serving a main dish then just serve lots of different appetizers and snacks instead. If she liked something unusual then try to find this food. Even if not many people eat it, they will be reminded of her.

Play Favorite Music

Make a playlist of his favorite songs and bands to be played throughout the service. If people are getting up to make speeches then play it softly in the background. For a memorial service that lasts for a specific amount of time, coordinate some of his favorite songs along with a video slide show. Throughout the slide show, stop the pictures and play videos of him as a child all the way through his final days. This audio-visual commemoration is something people will remember forever.

Open Mic

Have an open mic at the memorial service where people can walk up whenever they feel like it and share something about the deceased. To make this creative, put some stipulations on the open mic, like you can only tell funny stories about experiences with the person or you can only read passages from books or poetry that express how you feel. This is a special way people can memorialize the person.

Open Photo Books

Instead of putting together a photo book before the memorial service, tell people there will be some open books and they can bring pictures to put in them. Spread several blank photo books out on a table and put materials there so people can attach their pictures. Have pens on the tables so they can write a special message to the person and little stories about him. Now you will always have these memories people have shared with you.