Low Light Wedding Photography Tips


0:03 i'm matt mcdaniel with matthew Ryan

0:06 photography and we're going to talk

0:07 about low-light wedding photography so

0:09 when shooting a low lit wedding you want

0:13 to have a higher ISO which will give

0:16 your sensor more sensitivity newer

0:18 cameras perform better nowadays in low

0:20 lighting so you won't get as much noise

0:23 as you would with an older camera so

0:26 your ISO is safe at 1600 or 3200 without

0:32 getting too much noise in the dark you

0:34 also want to shoot with a wide aperture

0:37 a lower number on the f-stop so that you

0:39 can let in more light into your camera

0:41 so a lot a lot of people use a flash

0:43 which is great I prefer not to use a

0:46 flash I just shoot with really fast

0:49 lenses and really fast film because I

0:53 still shoot on film so I'll use 3200 ISO

0:55 film and shoot at around f1 if I can

1:00 I'm Matt McDaniel with Matthew Ryan

1:02 photography and that was low light

1:03 wedding photography

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