How to Get a Legal Guardianship Form

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A legal guardian is somebody who is responsible for a minor in the eyes of the law, when the parents cannot be. This is often a relative, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent, but it can be another adult who the minor has a close relationship with. In order to become a guardian, you need to fill out some forms and petition for guardianship of the minor.

Visit a court clerk's office in your town and ask for a petition sample for guardianship and a standard form for guardianship.

Take the person who needs your guardianship to a doctor and get him examined. Make sure to get a copy of the results.

Make a petition for guardianship based on the sample petition that you received for the standard form. Write in the petition why the person needs your guardianship and why you are qualified to be his guardian. List the relatives of the person that needs your guardianship and their contact numbers. Attach the medical report from the doctor and sign with a notary public as your witness.

Submit your petition to the court clerk's office. The court will then set a date for the case's hearing.

Inform all those who are involved to attend the hearing. The relatives of the person that needs your guardianship listed on your petition should be informed. Inform the doctor who made the examination to attend as well.

Attend the hearing. If you are proven to be competent to be the person's guardian, then you will be sent a letter of guardianship from the court.