How to Know When You Don't Love Your Wife

Photo By Dan Morgridge.

It can be difficult to separate the feelings of love when they get all tangled up with the stresses of everyday life and responsibilities. Sometimes when you think you don't love your wife anymore, it really has more to do with the relationship naturally changing, as they all do. When people first meet, they fall in love. However strong the relationship is, after a while, the "in love" is replaced with just love. This entails a relationship evolving to the next level. Some people don't understand this and want that new-relationship excitement to last forever, when it just doesn't for most couples. The steps below with help you sort out your feelings and your relationship so that you can honestly answer the question yourself: Do you still love your wife?

Imagine how you would feel if your wife left you. Would you be hurt? Or would you be happy? If the thought of her leaving makes you feel somewhat elated, chances are you don't love your wife.

Ask yourself if you and your wife have been fighting a lot lately. If you've been angry with her, this shows you still have strong feelings toward her that can be turned around with a little work. Remember that the opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference.

Make a "pro and con" list. The "pro" side would include things you like or love about your wife, no matter how small they might be. The "con" list, of course, will be made up of things about her you wish were different. When you're finished, read the lists; if the "con" list is a lot longer than the "pro,' it's a safe bet you no longer love your wife.

Listen to what your heart tells you. Love is all about the heart, not the head. Ask yourself how often you think about her and whether or not you care about what she thinks of you.