What Kind of Filling Can I Use in a Red Velvet Trifle?

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The trifle, an old-fashioned English dessert, should be as delicious as it is impressively constructed. The mixture of cake, creamy filling and, usually, fruits or nuts layered in a tall, hollow glass bowl, will be the star attraction at any gathering. The addition of red velvet cake, with its bold color and rich chocolate flavor, will make this colorful dessert even more dramatic, and you can choose from a variety of fillings to accentuate it visually and impress your guests with complementary flavors.

Cream Cheese Filling

Turn cream cheese frosting, one of the most popular toppings for red velvet cakes, into a rich filling for your trifle. Mix cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla together to make a basic cream cheese frosting, then beat in plain yogurt or heavy cream until the frosting increases in volume. Gently stir in fresh raspberries for extra flavor and color, if desired, and sprinkle more berries on top of the trifle after assembly.

Rich French Vanilla Pudding

For a quick, easy and impressively rich red velvet trifle filling, upgrade a box of instant pudding. Mix a large box of French vanilla pudding with milk, following the instructions on the box. Allow the pudding to thicken in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Beat in a large container of thawed frozen whipped topping until the mixture increases in volume. You can use the pudding mixture in the trifle right away or store it covered in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours before making the trifle. Stir in chopped pecans or walnuts immediately before assembly, if desired, and sprinkle extra nuts on top of the trifle after assembly.

Chocolate Mousse

Red velvet cake is nothing more than a rich chocolate cake turned red, and sometimes nothing goes better with chocolate than more chocolate. Heat heavy cream over medium heat until it simmers, stirring constantly. Pour the hot cream over dark chocolate chips or white chocolate chips, and stir until completely smooth. Immediately place the bowl in a slightly larger bowl filled with ice and water, taking care not to get any water in the chocolate, and let it cool for 15 minutes. In a cold ceramic or metal bowl, beat more heavy cream on high until it has doubled in volume and stiff peaks form, approximately two to three minutes. Stir it into the chocolate mixture and refrigerate overnight, pressing plastic wrap over the top to prevent it from forming a skin. Assemble the trifle and top with chocolate curls or unmelted chocolate chips.

Light Berry Filling

For a sweet, easy trifle filling, lighten up frosting with frozen whipped topping and mix in your favorite colorful berries. In a large bowl, fold three large containers of thawed frozen whipped topping into three containers of premade vanilla frosting with a rubber spatula. Carefully fold in blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, or a mixture of berries. As you layer the pieces of red velvet cake and the filling in the trifle container, sprinkle in additional berries so they can be seen through the glass.