How to Keep Your Dignity When a Guy Rejects You

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When a guy rejects you, you may be overwhelmed with emotions of sadness, confusion and even anger. You might keep asking yourself what you did to warrant rejection, or if he would have been interested in a relationship with you if you had done something different. Stop these thoughts immediately and focus on how you can be dignified and strong throughout this difficult time.

Stay in Perspective

Keep a positive perspective and a clear mind when it comes to facing your rejection. Although you may be tempted to analyze incessantly about the reason the guy rejected you, you will find no peace of mind by figuring out a reason. Instead, you should remember that your brain chemistry is temporarily off-balance because of this painful experience, according to Deborah L. Davis, developmental psychologist and author of "A Gift of Time". Remembering that it is normal to be upset and that you will recover is important to stay dignified during this vulnerable time.

Do Not Contact Him

Contacting the guy that rejected you for any reason is one way to appear completely undignified. You will demonstrate a lack of self-respect if you try to communicate with him, since you already know that he has no feelings for you and is not interested in pursuing a relationship. If you feel tempted to contact him, call a trusted friend who will talk you out of your impulsive decision. Even though you may feel completely devastated, the guy who rejected you should not get the satisfaction of knowing this.

Stay Single

Instead of rushing into another relationship to numb your pain or distract you from your hurt, make it a point to stay single for a while and get over the rejection you are facing. Many people jump into dating prematurely because they are afraid of being single, according to Jonathan Alpert, a licensed psychotherapist and author of "Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days". Instead of trying to get away from the realization that a guy rejected you, be deliberate about working through the issue and recovering as a stronger person.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Focus on yourself and what makes you special, unique and worthwhile. You may improve your sense of self-worth by stopping negative thoughts before they overwhelm you, according to the Mayo Clinic. Identifying these troubling thoughts and writing about them will help you overcome your worries. Try making a list of every self-doubt you have, and after you are done, make a list beside it of why each doubt does not define you. By improving your self-esteem, you will recover with dignity and demonstrate that your sense of self-worth will never come from a guy.