How to Keep Your Boyfriend on His Toes

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So you've got a great boyfriend and the two of you have been dating for a while. You have reached that point where you feel completely comfortable with him. The problem is, he may be getting too comfortable with you. You may despair if your boyfriend has grown complacent or has begun to take you for granted. Fortunately, there are simple ways to turn the situation around.

Limit your availability temporarily. If you talk to your boyfriend on the phone several times a day and see him most nights of the week, it's time to mix things up a bit. Let an occasional phone call go to voice mail. Make plans with your friends. Just don't be constantly available. Men enjoy the thrill of the chase, so let him chase you a little.

Try a little spontaneity. If your boyfriend finds you completely predictable, try being spontaneous now and then. Take him on a skydiving date or just suggest a walk in the rain. Anything that is out of character for you or is done on the spur of the moment will do the trick. This way, he will never know what to expect from you next.

Let him wonder. Sure, it's nice to let him know how you feel and to make an occasional gesture of affection. If you lay it on too thick, however, he will never have to wonder where he stands and may begin to take you for granted. If you are careful not to shower him with too much affection, though, he will feel more inclined to make an effort to receive your attentions.

Change your look. You don't need to go out and dye your hair or pierce your nose, but a sexy new 'do or an updated wardrobe might be just the thing to make your boyfriend see you in a new light. He may even wonder who else you are trying to impress.

Let him see that other men find you attractive. "Complain" about the whistles you received near a construction site or casually mention a conversation you had with your hot single guy-friend. Be careful not to be too obvious, however--you don't want to look like you are trying to make your boyfriend jealous.

Leave him wanting more. It may prove to be a challenge, but try not to give in to every whim of desire. Instead, give him something to long for. A lingering kiss at the end of the date may make him eager to see you again. A suggestive whisper on your way out the door may leave him thinking of you all day. Don't be a tease, but do give him the opportunity to want more.