Instagram Ideas: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home Office


It's never easy to sit down and get to work. When your to-do list includes answering emails, scheduling deadlines or writing the next best-selling novel, it's often much more tempting to do anything other than hover over a desk (heck, sometimes washing dishes can be more appealing). When your workspace is cluttered or looks as bland as a blank page, it's no wonder why such focus is hard to come by. Break into boss mode and designate an enclave where it's easy to get down to business. Whether you set up shop in a corner of your bedroom or create a home office with its own door, this should be a place that fosters your creativity. Say hello to your next side hustle space and welcome respite from your day-job cubicle with these five décor ideas that will have you whistling while you work.

Let There Be Light

You're more likely to watch Netflix or take a little cat nap if your home office has all the darkness of a home theater. Instead of pushing your desk into a dimly lit corner, situate it against a sunny window to give your surface natural light. Add a plant or two for even more color, and you'll have a cheerful space to welcome you to work — and a view in case you need the occasional distraction.

Bring Color to Blank Spaces

Blank walls are so blah. Add sources of inspiration to your office's walls in the form of fun pops of color: you can create a rainbow-hued bulletin board, frame a fun canvas print or set up a gallery of your favorite photos. Since you'll be spending so much time brainstorming your next groundbreaking idea, you'll want to gaze at art that helps to spark your creative process.

Stick to Black and White Terms

When your desk and chair act more like extra storage than a spot to ponder, crossing items off a to-do list is almost impossible. Keep work and play separate once and for all, and do so with functional minimalism in mind. File away papers, toss dried-out pens and reserve your desk's precious square footage for nothing more than a few daily items. Seems tough, right? Try to coordinate a funky chair with a must-have lamp, and you won't want to add any other distractions.

copper and black... and I'm obsessed. a new workspace inspired by the new @hp (link in profile) #reinventobsession #givemeallthecopper

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Stay Determined With the Details

While it's a good idea to keep a tidy space, you're going to need more than just a keyboard and a computer to get the job done. As you decorate with a handful of items, like a coaster for afternoon coffees and a small bowl for knick-knacks, you may also want to include some words of motivation. Whether you find renewed confidence from a printed notebook or comfort in words from a loved one, keep those good thoughts close for a when a serious case of the Mondays strikes.

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Paint a Pretty Picture

If you're able to convert an entire room into a home office, then you might as well go all out. Coordinate like-minded shades everywhere, from the billowy curtains to the oversized rug, and use a bookshelf as a curated display of your chic style. Make sure to include seating options, too, in case a new business partner comes by to swap ideas.