Information on International Joke Day

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Some people believe that laughter can help a person suffering from an illness to recover faster. Laughter is also a big part of the childhood of many children. Jokes make people laugh and are used for many different purposes. Some people tell jokes when they are uncomfortable to ease tension, while others make joke telling their life. International Joke Day allows everyone to join in on the fun.

International Joke Day

International Joke Day takes place each year on July 1. It is not a well-known holiday and is not celebrated by a majority of people, but it is a good opportunity to spread a little cheer and brighten the day of your family and friends. The day can serve as a reminder to all that laughter can make you forget your troubles and give you enjoyment in your life. It will not make your problems go away, but it can make them seem less daunting.


While it is unknown exactly when International Joke Day was founded or by whom, but it was begun in the United States. Of course, jokes are nothing new. In fact, jokes have been traced back to the times of ancient Greece. The first joke is thought to have taken place before the great Trojan War. The very first comedy club opened in Greece around 350 B.C. This club was mainly used to exchange jokes rather than for performances, unlike the comedy clubs of today.

How to Celebrate

The celebration of International Joke Day can take many different forms. Telling jokes in person to your family, friends and co-workers is one way to start. Joke emails can be forwarded from one address to another, creating a long chain of laughter among your online friends and family. Some websites have even created e-cards with an International Joke Day theme to send out. Sending jokes to everyone in your email address book, including those who live in other countries, helps spread the laughter of the holiday all over the world.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is contagious; therefore, the message of International Joke Day is easy to spread. But laughter is also thought to have many other benefits. According to ArxMan Humor, laughter has been found to reduce pain, especially in children. This is likely because laughter makes you forget everything else that is happening around you. Some hospitals have even begun using comedies to help alleviate children's pain. Others also claim that laughter offers other medical benefits, such as fighting off illnesses and keeping diabetes under control, according to ArxMan Humor. One of the best benefits, however, is just seeing a person you care about smile.