How to Wear Leggings in the Winter


0:00 hi my name is tres de Brannon I'm from

0:02 total style solutions today we're in

0:04 Azure Bridal and we're gonna talk about

0:05 wearing leggings in the winter now I am

0:08 in Utah and a winter is not so fun but

0:10 anywhere you are in the winter it's

0:12 cooler weather a lot of times we have to

0:14 deal with moisture issues rain snow

0:18 sleet those types of things in winter so

0:20 those are some issues that we're going

0:21 to talk about discuss but we're talking

0:23 about wearing leggings so the things

0:25 that you need are your jacket or your

0:27 top your leggings and your shoes but

0:31 beautiful Danni here who's wearing her

0:33 leggings with the jacket and boots now

0:35 these are the three things that you want

0:36 to think about first when you're wearing

0:37 your leggings first is your top having

0:40 it come long enough to cover your bum so

0:42 you're not self-conscious of where your

0:43 bum is hanging out in those tight

0:45 leggings showing any lines any cellulite

0:47 all those other fun things that we think

0:49 about as girls then your leggings and

0:51 then the shoes that go with them so

0:53 you'll notice that Danny is wearing

0:54 boots she's got a dark jacket dark

0:57 leggings dark boots a monochromatic type

1:00 of look it's a great way to wear

1:01 leggings most of us tend to wear darker

1:03 leggings just because anything lighter

1:05 will show and make us feel a little

1:06 subconscious of our legs and the size so

1:09 dark legging is generally what most

1:10 people are choosing unless they're very

1:12 young very small so you'll see here with

1:15 Danny's jacket that it comes up a little

1:17 bit higher than the bottom of her bum

1:19 and so sometimes she's a little bit

1:20 self-conscious and she'll be pulling and

1:21 tugging at her jacket so when you're

1:22 choosing a shirt depending on how you

1:24 feel about your rear end you want to

1:26 make sure that your jacket covers it up

1:27 so you're not pulling and tugging and

1:29 looking self-conscious throughout the

1:30 day but Danny's got an adorable little

1:32 figure so she can wear whatever she

1:33 likes and look adorable so jacket that's

1:36 long enough your cute leggings and then

1:38 your shoes boots are great make sure the

1:40 legging goes below the top of the boot

1:43 and you can wear heels with it as well

1:45 some people will wear flats with

1:47 leggings it's generally not the most

1:49 flattering look I like something that

1:51 lengthen and elongate the leg with a

1:53 cute heel or the boots that go up to the

1:56 top of the leggings this is how you wear

1:57 leggings in the winter