How to Wash Washable Suede Images

Washable suede is fantastic for those who want to go out without the worry of rain. Real suede can easily be ruined in one downpour, while washable suede gives you the look of the animal skin without the cleaning problems. You can find washable suede made into jackets, skirts, shoes and pants. When considering a washable suede garment, feel the material--it should look and feel just like suede and not leave a hand print. Avoid buying cheap washable suede, because it won't stand up any longer than real suede in a rain shower.

Inspect your washable suede for any stains. If you find a stain, mix 1 cup of detergent with color-safe bleach and 1 cup of liquid dish-washing soap. Fill a sink full of water and pour in your stain-fighting mixture. Add the washable suede and allow it to soak.

Place your washable suede in a washing machine and pour in a gentle laundry detergent.

Set the washing machine's cycle to cold and delicate.

Take out the washable suede garment when the cycle is over and lay it on a towel in a dry place. Wait for the material to dry halfway, because hanging it when it is wet can stretch out the material.

Hang the washable suede on a coat hanger. Keep it out of the sun, so that it won't stiffen.