How to Wash and Dry Clothes in 36 Minutes

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Have you ever woken up for work and realized you forgot to wash your clothes the night before? If you are in a hurry, and need to have your clothing washed and dried in a speedy manner, it is possible. Washing your clothes by hand will save time, rather than placing them in the washing machine. With a few tips, you can have your clothes washed and dried in 36 minutes or less.

Place a few clothing items inside of a large seal-able bag. Do not tightly pack the clothes into the bag and leave room to add water. Place only a few items in the bag at a time.

Fill the bag with enough water to cover your clothes.

Pour in a few drops of laundry detergent or a mild dish washing soap. Do not use too much soap, since it is a small load: Too much soap will require extra rinsing.

Seal the bag and shake it, to mix the soap and water.

Agitate the clothes by shaking the bag and kneading the clothing inside. Continue this process for about two or three minutes.

Allow the clothes to soak in the soap and water mixture for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Remove your clothing from the bag and rinse them in the sink. You can also pour the soapy water out of the bag -- and replace it with clean water in the bag -- while mixing the clothes around. Repeat this until the water runs clear of soap.

Lay a towel down and lay one of your clothing items on top of the towel.

Place another towel on top and then roll the towels up tightly. Squeeze and wring the towels, to remove excess water from your clothing. Wring the towels as tight as you can, to remove as much water as possible.

Repeat Steps 8 and 9 with all of your clothing items.

Place your clothes into the dryer, if available. If you do not have a dryer available, hang your clothing to dry. Place the items in front of a fan -- aim a hairdryer at them -- or hang the clothes outside on a clothesline.