How to Use Tawas Deodorant

"Tawas" is the word for a natural substance that is used as an alternative to chemical deodorants, especially in the Philippines, where it has been used for over 500 years. It is made from pure mineral salts, called potassium alum, formed from natural crystals found in the earth. It is sold under various brand names, and sometimes with no brand name, as a solid crystal, or as a powder or spray, and is used by both men and women to neutralize body odors.

Wash under both arms with soap and water. The deodorant works best in preventing body odor when the skin is clean.

Wipe the area lightly with a clean towel or cloth. Make sure your armpits are a slightly damp for the tawas to adhere best to the skin.

If using tawas powder deodorant, pinch a small amount of powder from the container, and apply directly to your underarm. Spread evenly by moving your palm in a forward-backward motion. The excess powder will come off. Do the same thing on the other underarm area.

If using solid tawas crystal deodorant, rub the crystal on each underarm area. Allow the skin to dry first before putting clothing on.

If using a spray form, direct a spray along each underarm area and allow to dry.