How to Use JELL-O Egg Molds

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Expand your repertoire of all things egg by using a JELL-O egg mold to make jiggly gelatin eggs. Whether it's Easter, Mardi Gras, Halloween or no special holiday at all, using JELL-O egg molds is a simple way to introduce different flavors, colors and games to kids of all ages. You can make solid color eggs, layer colored gelatin to create rainbow eggs or put a tasty surprise in the middle of each egg. Just prepare the egg molds before use for the best results.

Spray the interior and rims of the JELL-O egg molds with vegetable oil spray or put a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and swab the interior and rims of the egg molds. The oil allows the egg to slide out of the mold after the gelatin has set.

Close each egg mold; one mold makes six eggs. Every mold will make six snapping sounds as it is locked.

Put the egg molds on a cookie tray or platter.

Combine 1 1/2 cups boiling water with 1 package of gelatin in a measuring cup. Stir the mixture thoroughly; it will take approximately 3 minutes for the dry gelatin to dissolve in the water.

Pour the gelatin through the mold's fill-hole, which is located on the top of each egg. To make solid eggs pour one color of gelatin into the mold until the mixture reaches the bottom of the fill-hole. If you want to place a piece of fruit in the center of the egg or make a two-toned egg, pour the gelatin to the area where the two molds are sealed. Let the gelatin begin to set before adding the different color or putting a piece of fruit in the egg mold and pouring the rest of the gelatin in the mold.

Put the filled egg molds in the refrigerator for about 3 hours to allow the gelatin to set.

Pry the two haves of the egg mold apart, carefully around each egg shape. The Kraft website warns users to avoid pulling on the handles on the egg mold.

Dump the eggs out of the egg mold into a bowl.