How to Use Crystal Underarm Deodorant

How to Use Crystal Underarm Deodorant. You may choose a natural crystal deodorant for a variety of reasons: an interest in an all-natural lifestyle, an allergic reaction to synthetic deodorants or simply a desire to try something different. Regardless of your motivation, crystal deodorants are used quite differently than synthetic deodorants, so thoroughly understanding how to use crystals will make your overall experience more beneficial.

Keep in mind that all-natural items are becoming more commonplace in the mainstream marketplace, so it may be possible to find crystal deodorant in your local grocery, drug or big-box stores.

Look for crystal deodorant at health food and all-natural stores including Whole Foods and GNC. Carefully comparison shop, however, as the prices at these stores may be higher than comparable prices available through other venues.

Use the Internet as a resource if you cannot find a shop in your local area that sells crystal underarm deodorant.

Remove and unwrap crystal just prior to usage. Wet with a small amount of tap water. If you have very sensitive skin or live in an area with poor water supply, use distilled bottled water.

Slowly rub crystal across your underarm area, taking care to avoid any broken skin or irritated areas.

Rinse your crystal carefully before storing, to ensure that any skin particles are removed. Dry thoroughly before storing, as the crystal can break down faster if left damp.

Store your crystal underarm deodorant in a cool, dry place between applications. Crystals can be damaged or lose potency if stored in a humid or hot area, and can also crack, dry out and crumble. Ideally, use a covered dish for storing your crystal underarm deodorant--it may even come with its own carrying case.