How to Unwrinkle a Leather Jacket


0:04 hi my name is Bruce Gershon with arrow

0:07 leather care and today we're going to

0:09 talk about removing wrinkles from your

0:12 leather jacket first of all there are

0:16 different types of wrinkles there are

0:19 the wrinkles that come from poor

0:21 packaging or maybe it was hanging wrong

0:23 on the hanger for a period of time there

0:26 are natural wrinkles in a lot of leather

0:29 that are in the skin that you may not be

0:31 able to totally remove at all there are

0:35 other wrinkles that maybe if it's been

0:39 in the trunk of your car for a period of

0:41 time and the wrinkles are really hard in

0:45 there you may not be able to do anything

0:47 with it but let's talk about for the

0:49 simple poor packaging wrinkles or was

0:52 hanging on the hanger bad all you need

0:56 is some piece of brown craft paper you

1:00 smooth the garment out on a flat surface

1:02 ironing board works great an iron at a

1:06 medium setting take take the area that

1:09 you want to press smooth it out nice

1:11 place the brown paper over that and the

1:15 iron right on the brown paper keep it

1:17 moving no steam steam will burn the

1:20 leather and permanently damage it and

1:22 we'll just see how we do here moving the

1:26 iron keeping everything nice and smooth

1:29 and flat because you can actually iron a

1:32 wrinkle in worse than what you started

1:34 with and see how we did oh not bad so

1:39 that's how to remove wrinkles from a

1:41 leather jacket just different areas make

1:45 sure you smooth them out use your brown

1:46 paper medium setting no steam and that's

1:49 all for that today

1:51 I'm Bruce kershaun thanks for watching