How to Clean Stains From a Leather Sofa


0:04 hi my name is Bruce Gershon from arrow

0:07 leather care and today we're going to

0:08 talk about how to clean stains from a

0:11 leather sofa leather used for leather

0:15 furniture is generally thicker nature

0:19 than leather garment leather for garment

0:23 and so generally it's more durable and

0:27 you know has protective finishes on it

0:30 like you know this one that I have here

0:34 is a pigment dyed leather basically a

0:37 paint without hardeners you also see

0:40 leather furniture that's more natural

0:42 with a waxy finish like this piece of

0:45 leather here which is a cowhide with a

0:47 with a waxy finish and susceptible to

0:50 scratches and scuffs we also see a lot

0:53 of leather furniture made with nubuck

0:56 which nubuck is top grain leather that's

1:00 been buffed off to make it like a fine

1:02 suede so there's mostly the methods of

1:07 maintaining and cleaning the leather

1:10 furniture can be handled in in a lot of

1:13 cases with a moist wipe like a baby wipe

1:16 or a damp cloth and we've got a few

1:20 spots and stains on here I think there's

1:22 some mustard on here and that's dried so

1:28 it wipes off pretty easily off of this

1:31 type of leather there's another stickier

1:35 stain here which again is going to is

1:38 going to pretty much wipe off with the

1:40 the moist wipe here's kind of a scuff

1:44 here and it's a little more stubborn so

1:48 we might try something like a leather

1:52 furniture conditioner and I'll apply

1:55 that to a cloth and it's going to help

2:01 us clean that off and refresh and renew

2:04 the leather and if if it's still

2:08 something that's a little more stubborn

2:10 we could even go to a

2:13 a mild solvent like perhaps a citrus

2:17 solvent that will help that if it's kind

2:20 of a greasy type stain on something like

2:25 the new buck you wouldn't necessarily

2:28 want to wipe it with a damp wipe as it

2:32 will you know unless there's something

2:35 on there like a food stain where you're

2:38 going to have to to get it a little

2:41 moist to get it off because it will

2:44 darken the leather although this will

2:47 probably dry fine once it's dry you can

2:51 come back and brush it off a nylon

2:55 bristle brush works really well on

2:57 nubuck to knock off you know some dry

3:00 stains and dust and brush it up on a

3:04 leather such as the the waxy finished

3:09 cowhide more natural leather again the

3:13 leather furniture conditioner applied to

3:15 the towel will will do a nice job on it

3:18 in this case where we put the scuffs on

3:22 there it'll pretty much take care of

3:25 those scuffs and wipe it off and

3:27 maintain it so that's about all we have

3:30 on leather furniture how to clean it and

3:33 maintain it and my name is Bruce Gershon

3:36 thanks for watching