How to Fold a Leather Jacket


0:00 Hi I'm Melody on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to try and show you how to fold

0:05 this leather jacket today. If you have a occasion where you need to fold it don't have any place

0:12 to hang it or you can't hang something. What I'm going to do I'm going to take the shoulder

0:21 and I'm going ot match it to the other shoulder. Right about where the seam is and just hold

0:28 that for a minute. I'm going to reach up here and put my hand under the collar and pull

0:34 it straight up and shake it a little bit. So it lays out flat like that and going to

0:43 pull my hands down the sleeves and flip it down on its side. I'm going to see if it is

0:54 a little bit straight, I don't want to have a bunch of big creases when I go to put it

0:59 back on. Okay flatten my collar down, see if you can't get a straight line on that side.

1:13 I'm going to take the arm and I'm going to fold it over, take the other arm and I'm going

1:22 to fold it over as well. Be sure it is flat as I can get it.

1:36 And then I'm going to make sure that the button area is flat and I'm going to fold it over

1:43 so that there is still the body of the coat up where the collar is when I fold it over

1:49 so it has a little bit of protection. Flatten that out and now you have a chose you can

2:00 fold it over itself or I thing I'm going to go ahead and fold it this way for now because

2:06 that way you won't have a huge crease right in the very front where the chest is. Alright

2:15 there is one way to fold a leather jacket and depending on whether you are putting it

2:19 on a shelf of a suitcase there is different methods and this is just one of them. In the

2:25 next segment I'm goign to show you how to fold another piece of clothing.