How to Machine Sew a Blind Hem


0:01 Hi! I'm Karen for Expert Village. Now we will show you the blind hem on the skirt with a

0:07 sewing machine. Now most home machines will have as an option or an extra a blind hemming

0:15 foot. Every machine is going to be different. This one is mine and you will have to follow

0:20 your machine instructions to set all the adjustments but the rest of it should be the same as my

0:31 machine as it is on yours. So you fit your blind hemming. This thing here on my foot

0:39 is a guide and we will fit that into our machine. I have reset all of the adjustments just as

0:47 the manual said. The way that you fold the fabric is very important and the way that

0:53 you put it on the machine. We've folded it up and pressed it and folded it under and

1:03 pressed it. Now right at where the fabric is folded up, we are going to fold it back

1:10 again so that we have just a lip of fabric sticking out. This is our prepared hem and

1:21 we are going to fold it back and just so that we have a lip of fabric is going to go under

1:35 the needle. The folded edge here is going to sit right along the guide. I've put a white

1:46 thread into the machine for demonstration purposes so you can see how the stitch works.

1:55 Put our thread on there and I'll show you basically it does a 1 zigzag stitch and then

2:05 3 or 4 straight stitches. You want to make sure that your needle position is such that

2:13 it is sewing along the edge. It does a couple of straight stitches and then a zigzag. Let

2:23 me show you that so you get an idea of how the blind hem works. It sews 4-5 straight

2:32 stitches and then takes 1 zigzag stitch that just grabs the edge of the fold and what that

2:40 does is it just grabs the edge of the fold and there is your blind hem.