How to Trim Baby Turnips


0:00 hi I'm Debra Garten Steen with quirky

0:03 gourmet today I'm going to show you how

0:04 to trim baby turnips now these are baby

0:08 turnips they're the younger versions of

0:10 the big sturdy turnips that you get in

0:13 the winter those have been growing

0:15 underground for most of the year these

0:17 are in the earlier phase of their

0:20 lifecycle and they come with the greens

0:23 and the greens are wonderful you can

0:26 trim them off and cook them with a

0:30 little bit of olive oil and garlic salt

0:32 and pepper just very simple they're a

0:33 little peppery so the baby turnips are

0:36 just a little sweeter than the bigger

0:38 ones and to trim them you want to take

0:43 off this is the root here it's a little

0:44 stringy so you just want to cut that off

0:47 you want to take off as little as

0:48 possible because the more you cut off

0:50 the less you have left to eat and then

0:53 again just at the top here you want to

0:57 take off the stem but you want to take

1:01 off as little of the actual turnip bulb

1:04 as possible and then when you cook the

1:07 greens you don't want to cook the stems

1:10 so you just take these off like this so

1:14 once you've trimmed these baby turnips

1:15 they're almost bite-sized already so you

1:18 really just have to cut them in half or

1:20 maybe the bigger ones you can quarter

1:21 them and then what I like to do with

1:23 them is braise them so let's cook them

1:26 in a tasty liquid my favorite is a

1:28 little bit of fresh rosemary orange

1:30 juice balsamic vinegar and salt and

1:33 pepper and just cook them until they're

1:34 tender you have nice bite-sized pieces

1:36 it really doesn't take very long so here

1:39 you have trim two baby turnips