How to Toast Coconut in the Microwave

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When you're baking cookies in the oven and tempering chocolate on the burners, you're probably used to letting things finish cooking before clearing enough stove space for toasting coconut flakes. Don't waste time waiting -- do your toasting in the microwave instead. Microwaved coconut colors nicely, toasts quickly and tastes just as good as flakes that have been browned in the oven.

Use the small holes on a box grater to grate your coconut or purchase packaged coconut flakes. Sweetened and unsweetened flakes work equally well.

Measure 1/2 cup of grated coconut. If you need more, toast in batches to minimize the possibility of scorching.

Spread the coconut in a thin layer on a microwave-safe glass plate. You can use a paper plate or paper towel, but the glass plate conducts heat and browns the coconut more evenly.

Microwave the coconut on high for 2 to 3 minutes, stopping every 30 seconds to stir, which keeps the flakes from scorching and helps them brown evenly.