How to Tell Real Pearls From Fake Pearls


0:00 Hi, my name is Rachel Youens and I'm the owner of the site and a freelance fashion journalist. Today we are going to talk about how to tell real pearls from fake pearls. Now I'm going to preface this by saying if you're planning on buying some bajillion dollar set of pearls your going to want to go ahead and have some more scientific tests. And there's some laser tests and other more scientific ways they can tell but, the techniques were going to show today are really good if you're traveling to Mexico, you kind of impulse want to buy some nice pearls so we're going to talk about some on the street techniques that you could do. Now we think about pearls as being perfectly round and sculpted inside of oysters but, they're actually full of imperfections and they're very subtle but, that's one of the first places we are going to look at telling real pearls from fake pearls. So first test we are going to do is we are going to take it and just look up at the light with it and, on a fake pearl your going to see just a perfectly round pearl but, on a real pearl you're going to see differences in the iridescence of it and maybe even slight little divots and imperfections where the pearl isn't perfectly round. Some people take this test to the next level and they actually put the pearl in their mouth. And you're supposed to be able to feel a grittiness of the pearl up against your teeth and your also supposed to feel the imperfections with your tongue. I wouldn't necessarily advocate putting most jewelry into your mouth. Another way on strands of pearls you can tell a real from a fake, is and clearly these are not real pearls but, the size will help us demonstrate. On real pearls usually the holes are driven very very small so that most of the pearl is preserved and a lot of times on fake strands of pearls you see just very carelessly drilled large holes. So just take a look between the threading and see if you have a large or small hole. Small more likely to be real, large hole more likely to be fake. This has been how to tell real pearls from fake out on the street.