How to Trim a Long Beard


0:05 hi I'm Craig the barber barber and men's

0:08 grooming expert to the men's room I'm

0:10 here at Baxter Finley barber shop in Los

0:11 Angeles California to share tips on how

0:14 to trim a long beard the two most

0:17 important things to consider when

0:18 trimming a long beard is to always find

0:20 ways to keep it nice and neat if you're

0:23 wearing a long beard that means you're

0:24 you're wanting to style this beard and

0:27 look and make it look as identifiable as

0:29 possible so what you'd like to do is to

0:32 always focus on the flyaway hairs to

0:34 always keep it nice and neat the flyaway

0:36 hairs can be trimmed by using barber

0:39 shears or adjustable clippers and

0:41 trimmers with comb guards if you're

0:43 looking to get the most desirable shape

0:45 and length of your long beard always

0:48 start with the longest length comb guard

0:50 reducing the size to get your desired

0:52 shape always going downward to maintain

0:55 the size and shape of the beard but just

0:57 to get rid of the excess bulk or excess

1:00 flyaway hairs I also consider your face

1:03 shape if you have an oblong face shape

1:06 typically a long beard is not nearly as

1:08 flattering as if you had a round face or

1:11 a shorter face so if you're wearing a

1:14 long beard always keep in mind that

1:15 wearing a long beard will always

1:17 lengthen your face so just always keep

1:19 that in mind I'm Craig the barber with

1:22 the men's room you can find me at the

1:23 men's room calm thanks for watching

1:28 you