Recipe for Brownie Cupcakes Using a Brownie Mix


0:05 hello and welcome to baking with Melissa

0:08 the question is is there a recipe for

0:12 brownie cupcakes using a brownie mix and

0:15 the answer is of course there's nothing

0:19 better than a brownie cupcake and today

0:21 I'm going to show you the easiest way

0:22 you can possibly do it by using a mix

0:26 we're gonna start off with the original

0:28 supreme premium brownie mix and it comes

0:31 with a little Hershey's syrup pouch so

0:36 we'll just go ahead and get started here

0:38 I'm going to put the brownie mix into

0:41 the bowl dump everything in the bowl all

0:44 at once and just mix it up we have 1/3

0:46 of a cup of oil 1/3 of a cup of water 2

0:53 eggs and the best part my favorite thing

0:58 in the whole entire world chocolate so

1:00 we're going to put our Hershey's syrup

1:02 into the bowl as well slide that on in

1:08 and then mix it up okay I've finished

1:13 mixing the brownie batter and now it's

1:16 time to put it into our muffin pans now

1:19 if you want 12 full-sized brownie

1:20 cupcakes you can do it in a full size

1:22 pan but I like everything in a mini

1:25 muffin pan I've already pre lined my

1:28 cupcake pan with these little white

1:30 liners and I preheat my oven to 350

1:34 degrees now I'm going to take this

1:36 little cookie scooper and I'm just going

1:38 to scoop out a little bit of brownie

1:41 batter and I'm going to place it into

1:43 the muffin pan now this just makes it

1:47 easier for you to get even sized

1:49 cupcakes if you do it this way

1:51 but again if you don't have a scooper

1:53 just use a spoon now I am filling up

1:57 these pans about 3/4 of the way up

2:01 leaving some room for the cup cupcakes

2:04 to expand and grow if you use the small

2:07 cookie scooper here it really helps you

2:10 get the perfect portion okay well I have

2:14 filled up all of my brownie cupcakes

2:16 here and

2:17 now I'm going to place them in the oven

2:19 it's already set to 350 degrees and

2:21 we'll leave them in there for 10 to 12

2:23 minutes and then when we take them out

2:25 we'll have some amazing brownie cupcakes

2:28 my brownie cupcakes are out of the oven

2:31 and now I'm gonna put some of delicious

2:34 chocolate fudge frosting right on top

2:36 we'll see you next time on baking with

2:38 Melissa

2:49 you