How to Switch From Blonde to Silver Hair

by Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

How to Switch From Blonde to Silver Hair. Going gray is a fact of life, but the growing trend to go gray gracefully and embrace those silver tresses can be an exciting way to reclaim your natural hair color and change your look. However, the process of going from blonde to silver requires the help of a good stylist, patience and a few key products to ease the transition and keep your hair looking its best.

Step 1

Consult with your stylist before you commit to going silver. It's a fairly long process and requires frequent haircuts, lowlights and highlights as well as changes in single-process coloring to gradually change the look of your hair and hide the color line as your silver grows out. Make a plan with your stylist to transform your look gradually.

Step 2

Grow out a few inches of gray hair before you begin the process so that you can determine how gray your hair has gone. You want to be at least 40% gray or more before you change your hair color to silver for the best result as easiest transition.

Step 3

Cut your hair as short as you can to cut to get rid of more of the old blonde hair color. An angled bob or face framing layers is a good choice for silver tresses and a shorter haircut can also make it easier to maintain and highlight while you are growing out your gray.

Step 4

Ask for all-over lowlights a shade or two darker than your current blonde base color, as well as whiter highlights to help conceal the color line of the blonde hair color as the gray comes in.

Step 5

Return every few weeks for maintenance haircuts and for continuing highlight and lowlight treatments. As you go from blonde to silver, your stylist will slowly phase the warmer red and gold tones out of your highlights and lowlights and instead use whites, silvers, and lavender highlights and lowlights to play up the cool tones of the new growth.

Step 6

Use products made for silver hair as you go through this process. There are now great products available to help make the most of silver hair. Protect your hair from UV rays and use a clarifying shampoo to prevent yellowing, add extra moisture with deep treatment conditioners. You can even use products that specifically play up white, silver and lavender tones in your hair to make the most of your new look.