How to Store Molasses

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Molasses is a sweet and sticky product that is created by processing sugar. The number of times the sugar is processed determines the type of molasses made. The result is a thick, sweet product similar to honey. Generally speaking, the darker the color, the stronger or sweeter the taste of the molasses. Most types of molasses can be used interchangeably in recipes and the storage process for each kind of molasses is the same.

Keep the molasses in the original container unless it's damaged.

Make sure the lid is tightly shut.

Keep the molasses in a cool and dry place. Use a cupboard if your home is temperature controlled or store the molasses inside your refrigerator. Remove the molasses from the refrigerator several hours prior to using it so it's easier to work with.

Write the purchase date on the label with a permanent marker, so you know how long to keep your molasses. Discard any unused molasses after one year.